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Achillea 'Appleblossom'

36" flat clusters of rosy-pink blossoms atop sturdy stems, SUN (DR)(DT)

Yarrow Appleblossom

Achillea m. 'Cerise Queen'

18"-24" flat topped clusters of bright cherry red flowers, SUN (DR)

Yarrow Red

Achillea millefolium 'Paprika'

24" tall erect stems, red flowers, white centers, FULL SUN

Yarrow Paprika

Achillea 'Moonshine'

18"-24" small clustered sulfur yellow flowers, FULL SUN

Yarrow Moonshine

Achillea t. 'King Edward'

6"-10" pal primrose-yellow flowers over wooly foliage, SUN

Wooly Yarrow

Achillea 'Terra Cotta'

24" small clustered peach-terra cotta flowers, FULL SUN

Yarrow Terra Cotta

Achillea tomentosum 'Lemon'

3"-4" fuzzy gray creeping foliage w/cheery yellow bloom , SUN (DT)(DR)

Yarrow Lemon

Achillea 'Wesser River Sandstone'

24" tall erect stems, deep pink flowers, FULL SUN

Yarrow Wesser River Sandstone

Aconitum fischeri

18"-24" long spikes, hooded light blue flowers, SHADE/PART SHADE (DR)

Monkshood Dwarf

Aconitum napellus

30"-40" long spikes, hooded purple-blue flowers, SHADE/PART SHADE

Garden Monkshood

Aconitum napellus 'Alba'

30"-40" long spikes, hooded white flowers, SHADE/PART SHADE

Garden Monkshood White

Aconitum 'Stainless Steel'

40" rounded-lobed leaves on thin stems, blue hooded flowers, SHADE/PART SHADE

Monkshood Tall Blue

Adenophora lilifolia

24"-30" bell shaped light purple flowers on long stems, SUN/PART SHADE

Lady's Bells

Aegopodium p. 'Varigatum'

6"-14" vigorous ground cover, green-white foliage, SUN/PART SHADE

Bishops Weed

Agastache astromontana 'Pink Pop'

12" pink flowers, fragrant flowers and foliage, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)(DR)

Hyssop Pink Pop

Agastache 'Blue Fortune'

24" blue/violet spikes, long blooming, heavy scent, FULL SUN

Anise Hyssop Blue Fortune

Agastache c. 'Sonoran Sunset'

12"-18" showy, fragrant, tubular purple flowers, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)(DR)

Hyssop Purple

Agastache m. 'Red Fortune'

15"-28" spikes of rose-red flowers, last all summer into fall, fragrant, SUN/PART SHADE

Hyssop Red

Agastache rupestris 'Orange Hyssop'

18"-20" sunset orange flowers, fragrant, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)(DR)

Hyssop Orange

Agastache 'Tutti Frutti'

24" masses of pink tubular flowers, attracts humming birds, FULL SUN

Anise Hyssop Tutti Frutti

Ajuga r. 'Black Scallop'

6" low-growing dark purple almost black foliage, SUN/PART SHADE

Bugleweed Dark

Ajuga r. 'Bronze Beauty'

6" strong ground cover, bluish flowers bronze foliage, SUN/SHADE

Bugleweed Bronze

Ajuga r. 'Chocolate Chip'

6" dwarf ajuga that has small shiny green foliage w/chocolate hightlights, SHADE

Bugleweed Dwarf

Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow'

6" tri-colored foliage, blue flower spikes, SUN/PART SHADE

Carpet Bugle Burgundy Glow

Ajuga reptans 'Caitlins Giant'

6" glossy, bronze-purple evergreen leaves, SUN/PART SHADE

Carpet Bugle Large Leaved

Ajuga reptans 'Mahogony'

6" short stemmed leaves lush and glossy, black-burgundy, SUN/PART SHADE

Carpet Bugle Mahogony

Alcea r. 'Blacknight'

5'-6' stable, straight black/purple, single flowered, true perennial, SUN

Hollyhock Deep Black/Purple

Alcea r. 'Mars Magic'

5'-6' single red hollyhock, SUN

Hollyhock Red

Alcea rosea 'Chaters Red'

4'-6' tall flowers pikes with double red flowers, FULL SUN

Hollyhock Chaters Red

Alcea rosea 'Nigra'

4'-6' large, single dark maroon almost black blooms on stately flower spikes, SUN

Hollyhock Dark Maroon

Alcea rosea 'Party Girl'

4'-6' tall flwoers spikes w/single pink flowers, FULL SUN

Hollyhock Party Girl

Alcea rosea 'Singles Mix'

4'-6' tall flowers spikes w/single mixed flowers, FULL SUN

Hollyhock Single Mix

Alchemilla mollis 'Thriller'

18" yellowish flower over gray-green foliage, SHADE/PART SUN

Lady's Mantle Thriller

Alyssum argenteum

10"-12" wood stems, silver foliage w/yellow flowers, FULL SUN

Alyssum Silver

Alyssum saxatile 'Gold Dust'

8"-12" bushy silver foliage, topped w/golden flowers, FULL SUN

Alyssum Basket of Gold

Alyssum saxatile 'Summit'

12"-18" bright yellow flowers over thick foliage, SUN (DR)(DT)

Basket of Gold

Anchusa 'Blue Angel'

12"-24" bright blue flowers over bristly foliage, SHADE/PART SHADE

Bugloss Blue

Anemone hupehensis japonica

24" rose-pink flowers over lacy foliage, SUN/PART SHADE

Windflower Pink

Anemone hupehensis 'September Charm'

24"-36" single, rose-pink blossoms w/darker outer petals, SHADE/PART SHADE

Windflower Fall

Anemone sylvestris

12" fragrant, noddin, white flowers, re-blooms, SUN/PART SHADE

Windflower Snowdrop

Antenanria parvifolia

15" dense silvery foliage novel flowers, re-blooms, SUN/PART SHADE


Antennaria d. 'Rubra'

4"-6" deep pink blooms over silver foliage, SUN (DR)(DT)

Pussytoes Pink

Anthemis t. 'Sancti Johannis'

18"-24" prolific single orange flowers, all summer bloom, SUN/PART SHADE

Marguerite Daisy Orange

Anthemis tinctoria kelwayi

18"-36" golden yellow flowers on finely cut foliage, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)

Marguerite Daisy Golden

Aquilegia 'alpina blue'

12"-24" deep blue flowers on strong erect stems, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)

Columbine Alpine Blue

Aquilegia 'Biedermeier'

18" early blooming dwarf form, profuse mix of colors over compact plant, PART SHADE

Columbine Mix

Aquilegia c. 'Music Red & Gold'

18"-20" bright red, long spurred flowers w/yellow centers, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Red & Gold

Aquilegia c. 'Swan Blue & White'

22" blue flowers w/white cup, tremendous bud count, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Blue & White

Aquilegia c. 'Swan Lavender'

22" lavender flowers w/white cup, tremendous bud count, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Lavender

Aquilegia c. 'Swan Red & White'

22" red flowers w/white cup, tremendous bud count, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Red & White

Aquilegia c. 'Swan Yellow'

22" creamy yellow flowers w/darker cup, large blooms, hight bud count, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Yellow

Aquilegia c. 'Origami Blue & White'

12"-24" blue & white flowers, silver-grey foliage, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)(DR)

Columbine Blue & White

Aquilegia c. 'Origami Pink & White'

12"-24" pink & white flowers, silver-grey foliage, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)(DR)

Columbine Pink & White

Aquilegia c. 'Origami Red & White'

12"-24" red & white flowers on strong stems, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)(DR)

Columbine Red & White

Aquilegia caerulea

18" showy spurred flower in blue, lavender and white, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Colorado

Aquilegia caerulea 'Crimson Star'

12"-24" red petals w/yellow spots, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Crimson Star

Aquilegia caerulea 'Dove'

24" early flowering hybrid, huge 3" flowers, pure white

Columbine Dove

Aquilegia caerulea 'Rocky Mountain Blue'

24" Colorado state flower, sky blue sepals and white petals, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Rocky Mountain Blue

Aquilegia caerulea 'Songbird Mix'

24" early flowering hybrid, huge 3" flowers

Columbine Songbird Mix

Aquilegia canadensis

12"-24" yellow petals w/red pearls, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbiine Wild

Aquilegia canadensis 'Corbett'

8"-12" profuse display of yellow lantern flowers, compact plants, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Yellow

Aquilegia canadensis 'Little Lanterns'

18" brilliant red flowers w/yellow corollas, SUN/PART SHADE


Aquilegia crysantha

30" tall large solid yellow flowers, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Denver Gold

Aquilegia 'Dragonfly Mix'

18" long spurred flowers in blue, red, yellow or bicolored, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Dragonfly Mix

Aquilegia flabellata 'Cameo Blue & White'

5" for garden or pots, long blooming from spring on, blue and white

Columbine Cameo Blue & White

Aquilegia flabellata 'Cameo Mix'

5" for garden or pots, long blooming from spring on, mix colors

Columbine Cameo Mix

Aquilegia 'McKana Giants'

18"-24" blue & white, pink & white, red & yellow, solid yellow & white, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Mix

Aquilegia 'Origami Mix'

12"-24" mixed flowers, silver/gray foliage, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)(DR)

Columbine Mix

Aquilegia 'Origami Yellow'

16" yellow flowers w/white cup, long bloom window, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Yellow

Aquilegia 'Songbird Blue Jay'

24" compact beautiful blue flowers, white centers, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Blue Jay

Aquilegia 'Spring Magic Blue & White'

18"-24" hard blue & white flowers

Columbine Blue & White

Aquilegia 'Swan White'

22" dazzling, snowy-white flowers on uniform plant, SUN/PART SHADE (DR)

Columbine White

Aquilegia v. 'Clementine Dark Purple'

12"-18" fully double, spurless, upward facing flowers, compact foliage, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Dark Purple

Aquilegia v. 'Double Pleat Blue & White'

18" double pleated, blue & white flower, bi-colored bases, compact plant, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Blue & White

Aquilegia v. 'Origami White'

16" white flowers w/white cup, long bloom, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine White

Aquilegia v. 'Ruby Port'

24"-32" dark rub, double w/short spurs, bluish foliage, upright habit, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Dark Ruby

Aquilegia v. 'Winky Blue & White'

20" abundant, upright blue & white flowers on sturdy, compact plant, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Blue & White

Aquilegia v. 'Winky Red & White'

20" abundant, upright red & white flowers on sturdy, compact plant, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Red & White

Aquilegia x hybrida 'Cardinal'

12"-24" red & white bicolor flowers, SUN/PART SHADE (DR)

Columbine Red

Aqulegia v. 'Barlow Blue'

30" fully double, deep blue, spurless, upward, rose like flowers, SUN/PART SHADE

Columbine Blue

Arabis caucasia 'Copinkie'

4"-8" low grow plant w/delicate pink flowers, FULL SUN

Rockcress Copinkie

Arabis caucasia 'Snow Cap'

6" low growing plant w/light white flowers, FULL SUN

Rockcress Snow Cap

Arctostaphylos x 'Emerald Carpet'

12" dense green foliage, white flower, excellent groundcover, SUN (DR)(DT)


Armeria formosa 'Joystick Lilac'

15" long stemmed, lilac colored, globular flowers, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)

Seathrift Tall Lilac

Armeria formosa 'Joystick Red'

15" long stemmed, large red globular flowers, SUN/PART SHADE

Seathrift Joystick Red

Armeria formosa 'Joystick White'

15" long stemmed, white globular flowers, SUN/PART SHADE (DT)

Seathrift Tall White

Ameria maritima 'Alba'

8" narrow, grasslike foliage w/white globe shaped flowers, FULL SUN

Seathrift Pink White

Armeria maritima 'Splendens'

8" globe shaped red flowers, SUN/PART SHADE

Seathrift Red

Artemisia 'Powis Castle'

30" tall, distinct, silvery foliage, shrublike, SUN (DT)(DR)

Wormwood Tall

Artemisia schmidtiana

10" silver fern like foliage, insignificant flower, FULL SUN

Silver Mound/Wormwood

Artemisia stelleriana 'Silver Brocade'

4"-8" sprawling silver foliage

Wormwood Prostrate

Aruncus d. sylvestris

3'-5' showy, creamy white plumes above dark green foliage, SUN/PART SHADE

Goats Beard

Aster alpinus

6"-12" short compat mix of aster flowers, late spring/early summer bloom, SUN/PART SHADE

Alpine Aster

Aster alpinus 'Dwarf Mix'

12" full foliage, daisy like flowers in pink, blue or purple, SUN/PART SHADE

Dwarf Alpine Aster

Aster d. 'Professor Kippenburg'

12"-15" large clusters of blue flowers, late summer bloom, SUN (DR)

Aster Blue

Aster dumosus 'Woods Blue'

15"-18" fall blooming, blue flower w/yellow center, SUN/PART SHADE

Aster Woods Blue

Aster dumosus 'Woods Pink'

12"-16" fall blooming, pink flower, SUN/PART SHADE

Aster Woods Pink

Aster dumosus 'Woods Purple'

15"-18" fall blooming, purple flowers, SUN/PART SHADE

Aster Fall Purple

Aster Novi-Belgii

12"-15" fall blooming, lavender flower w/gold center, SUN/PART SHADE

Aster Professor Kippenburg

Aster Novi-Belgii 'White Swan'

24" fall blooming, large white flowers, SUN/PART SHADE

Aster White Swan